29 June 2021 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) has issued a circular related to the status of Amateur Football and the way forward.

Here is the Circular:

  1. The announcement which was made by the State President of South Africa, Hon. Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday the 27 June 2021, which regards the COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocol Regulations in South Africa;
  2. The increasing rate of the coronavirus infections in the country;
  3. The need for the South African Football Association to assist in managing and controlling the surge of the pandemic.
  4. The importance of lives and livelihood of the citizens of the country including the players, match officials and the stakeholders.

The South African Football Association hereby wish to clarify and provide the following matters with regard to Amateur football in South Africa.

  1. Hollywoodbets Super League – the Association had already started with the implementation of the Health and Safety protocol procedures as proposed by Dr Thulani Ngwenya, who is the Chief Medical Officer of SAFA, hence the matches will proceed as planned.
  2. ABC Mostepe League National Playoffs – as per the arrangements with the participating clubs, the tournament is organised in a form of a mini-bubble, wherein players and the whole team’s movement is strictly restricted between the matches and the hotels with no visitors allowed. The Local Organising Committee has been mandated to monitor such adherence to the Health and Protocol measures as discussed with the teams. The MEC of Sports in Mpumalanga has also been informed and requested to approve such continuation. The matches will continue to play until Saturday the 03 July 2021 as planned.
  3. Provincial, Regional and LFA Leagues – based on uncertainty about the ability to follow the Health and Safety Protocol procedures, all the structures which would like to continue with their matches must:
    3.1 Appoint the compliance Officers who will report directly to the Chief Medical Officer as and when they are required to do so.
    3.2 Submit proposed Health and Safety Protocol measures, which will be implemented by the relevant structure in helping to manage and control the spread of the coronavirus.
    3.3 The proposed Health and Safety Protocol procedures must be approved by the Chief Medical Officer, Dr Thulani Ngwenya at thulani.ngwenya@safa.net
    3.4 Continuous monitoring of the adherence to the Health and Safety Protocol measures must be done by the relevant structure, which will also be held accountable.
    3.5 Matches can only resume or continue subject to the recommendation by the CMO and approval of the CEO of SAFA.

The South African Football Association sincerely hope that all the stakeholders will also understand and commit to the reduction of the coronavirus infections through adherence to the proposed Health and Safety Protocol procedures as proposed by the Government.