10 August 2020 The South African Football Association (SAFA) remembers and appreciates the role played by our women in the liberation struggle of this country.

The National Women’s Day is celebrated on this day every year as part of women’s month, which commemorates the heroics of 1956 women’s march to the Union Buildings against draconian pass laws and their impact on women.

“As SAFA we will continue to uphold the values of our women and the contribution they made in creating a new dispensation in which all South Africans live together in harmony and as equals.

“It is in this context that we continue to say NO to violence against women and children. We need to underscore the call for gender equality, realising women’s rights for an equal future in our society,” said SAFA President, Dr Danny Jordaan.

“Women’s Day is the day we pay tribute to the sacrifices of every woman and we would like to salute them for being the rock of the Nation.

“As we celebrate this month, let it not only be for this month but every other day of the year,” added Dr Jordaan.

SAFA annually celebrates the women’s month with a variety of activities meant to empower our women but all activities this year have been suspended due the corona virus pandemic.