12 June 2020 – According to Government Gazette promulgated by Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture on 11 June 2020 under the Disaster Management Act of 2002, football can resume training after complying with the regulations.

These regulations entail among others that all teams need to test for COVID-19 and chronic medical conditions (As stipulated in the Football return to training protocol adopted by the SAFA Joint Liaison Committee (JLC) and results must be sent to the Compliance Officer.

Disinfection of the training venue is mandatory, so is the daily screening of COVID-19 symptoms for all those involved.

All teams are encouraged to undertake strict hand and respiratory hygiene and have a consulting Doctor at all times as stipulated in the return to football protocol adopted by JLC.

There should be continuous education about COVID-19 and the Federation must appoint a compliance officer in writing.