20 April 2020 – SAFA Overberg President Tankiso Modipa has lambasted Sunday’s City Press article which had a number of erroneous facts.

Dissecting the article, Modipa cites a number of discrepancies in the article, headlined: SAFA Boss Quits.

Here is Modipa’s response:

FIRST LIE by CITY PRESS: That Gay Mokoena quit. Mokoena is an elected member of NEC and has not resigned from SAFA NEC.

He had a contract with SAFA with the termination date of 31 March 2020. His contract ended on 31 March 2020.

THE SECOND LIE: That staff members are being retrenched. Truth is no staff member has been retrenched. Staff members whose contract ended and those who work on part-time basis have not been requested to report for duty. SAFA is on lockdown.

All staff received their full salary at the end of March in spite of being at home.

THIRD LIE: That SAFA has run out of money and seeking retrenchments. The author might be talking of his publication which is struggling. The author, Timothy Molobi is using his publication to promote political agenda for anti-SAFA reporting. This is a constant campaign of many years by the author.

FOURTH LIE: That SAFA has begged for bail out. The truth is the Minister of Sports made available R150m to all federations to apply for emergency funding in a circular sent out on 2 April 2020. City Press deliberately lied that SAFA approached the government for the Covid-19 sector relief fund. SAFA is one of the several federations that applied for this fund as prescribed in that correspondence.

Issued by the Communications Department: SAFA

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