30 March 2020 – THE MYSAFA stakeholder registration and competition management system has gained popularity over the past few years and is still going strong. Over 400 000 player registrations and over 150 000 fixtures have been managed since its launch in 2017.

SAFA had the privilege of chatting with esteemed Deputy President of the Durban South Local Football Association (LFA), Mr. Harreeparshad Deepchand, who provided some valuable personal insights on the MYSAFA system; its benefits, advantages and more.

Deepchand, who also doubles as a junior coordinator for SAFA eThekwini, shared his overall impression of the system.

“It is simply excellent. The implementation of this project was simply a great idea for all concerned. I love how, via the brilliant Verifier App, one can easily check details in real-time. Age-cheating is a thing of the past in junior football particularly, as previously there was doctoring of photos and certain players were getting away with illegal activities.”

He also had praise for the user-friendly nature of the software and how anyone can quickly get used to it and also stated that the system has many advantages.

“Each and every player now has a MYSAFA number and a FIFA number on each card which is there for life, so tracking of career details is very easy from the most junior levels all the way up to the professional game. Also, feeder clubs will now get paid for grooming young stars and they can also benefit financially, which is great,” he added.

The big boss also had a bit of advice to offer going forward.

“We are doing well but must be guarded. People will still find ways to cheat the system. Also, we need to make sure that every single player gets on-board and registers on the system. That is the ultimate goal,” concluded Deepchand.

Despite the COVID-19 nationwide lockdown, administrators as well as LFAs and coaches, can still access and utilise this software from home. It’s for this reason that MYSAFA CLUB PRO is being offered free of charge during this period.

LFAs that are not already active on MYSAFA are encouraged to contact the Support Team at support@mywww.safa.net. User setup and training can be arranged by email and/or telephonically.