24 March 2020 – Following last night’s announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa of a 21-day lockdown to stop the spread of COVID-19, SAFA will be offering MYSAFA CLUB PRO free of charge to all SAFA clubs in good standing. 

This offer will allow LFAs, club administrators and coaches to register and manage players without the need to travel. It also gives clubs the ability to apply for a FIFA ID number, which will make them eligible to receive FIFA training rewards under the FIFA 2.0 initiative. 

“Football will resume one day and preparation for the introduction of the FIFA Clearing House is something that we can continue to do during this time of crisis,” stated SAFA President Danny Jordaan. “In fact, it has never been more important for us to ensure our clubs are compensated for developing professional players.”

To date, 400,000 player registrations and 150,000 fixtures have been managed on MYSAFA, making it Africa’s most successful team sports registration initiative. 

“While SAFA have registered more amateur players and assigned more FIFA IDs than any other African country, the registration of clubs is just as important as they have the most to gain from the FIFA 2.0 initiative,” added Jordaan

MYSAFA Club Pro is intended to give top clubs greater access to MYSAFA and the FIFA Clearing House that is due to come online in 2020. Initially priced at R980 per club, MYSAFA Club Pro subscribers receive:

  • Their unique FIFA ID — used to trace and pay training compensation when players turn professional
  • Direct login access to MYSAFA (with the permission of their LFA) allowing clubs to capture player registration data that must then be approved by SAFA
  • Ability to check a players’ registration status

Clubs concerned with protecting their investment in player development have found it a valuable tool. 

“We absolutely see the benefits of MYSAFA Club Pro,” said Glen Minnie, head of football development at Chippa United. “If we didn’t believe that our players had the potential to play professionally — even internationally — they would not be in our system. So we definitely see MYSAFA as a means to protect our investment in young players.”

To improve the benefits and value of MYSAFA Club Pro, MYSAFA is also planning an integration of CLUBSMART™ within the platform. This is a club accreditation, licensing system and toolkit that will give access to additional training and resources through driving down minimum standards and centralized information collection and storage. It will assist with club grading and certification based on “clubs in good standing” principles and practices. Well-organized and managed clubs will ultimately lead to attracting new forms of income and funding to help sustain clubs and ease the recovery from the aftermath of COVID-19.

LFAs wishing to enrol their clubs should contact support@mysafa.net to request the club registration worksheet. 

Clubs interested in enrolling can download and complete the MYSAFA Club Pro registration form, then forward the completed form to their LFA. To ensure that only clubs in good standing with their LFA are registered, only forms forwarded to support@mysafa.net from the SAFA structures will be accepted.

LFAs that do not currently have an appointed MYSAFA administrator are encouraged to contact support@mysafa.net as well to request access. 

Once the club is enrolled with FIFA, the club will be emailed a login to MYSAFA allowing them to download their certificate.