7 August 2019 –The South African Football Association (SAFA) has observed over a number of weeks, attempts by certain parts of the media and journalists, who acting on behalf of disgruntled group that lost the elections, have embarked on a smear campaign to harm the name of the Association regarding its finances and electoral process among other issues.

It is for this reason that we must refresh the memory of our Members and general public regarding the SAFA Elective Congress of May, 2018 where the current executive assumed office. These include the President, his deputies and entire National Executive Committee (NEC).

The voting process in the election consists of 52 Regions which forms the main voting bloc and most of those elected received more than 45 out of the 52 Regions while the Top 4 received between 46 and 50 of the Regions’ support.

Those who lost in the election could only muster between 2 to 4 of the Regions’ support. The outcome of the election therefore was a resounding vote of confidence in the current executive.

It is also worth noting that the 2018 Elective Congress’ processes were supervised by an Independent Electoral Committee which was unanimously approved by the entire SAFA Congress.

It is therefore immoral and unethical for anyone in the media to try and act as campaign managers for the disgruntled members who lost the elections more than a year ago.