3 August 2019 – The partnership between SAFA and OUTsurance remains intact, based on the contract between the parties.

OUTsurance, having come on board last year, has contributed greatly to Referees development within the country, and their contribution is further evidenced by a South African (Jerome Damon) being part of the CAF VAR technical team.

It is common cause that the NSL challenged the use of OUTsurance kit at NSL matches. This matter was due to go to court recently, and consequently, the parties reached an agreement to have the matter arbitrated, ideally prior to 1 August 2019.

The agreement between the parties reflected that SAFA would not implement the sponsorship agreement concluded between the South African Football Association and OUTsurance, at any matches in ‘The ABSA Premiership’ and ‘The Nedbank Cup’ matches, until the resolution of the arbitration.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the parties have been unable to have this matter resolved prior to 1 August 2019, SAFA have now moved to expedite this matter for urgent resolution in the interest of all parties.

Whilst SAFA affirms it’s belief that is within its rights to continue to use the OUTsurance branded kit in all matches, it has taken cognizance of the request by OUTsurance to allow the arbitration process to play itself out.

In the meantime, OUTsurance sponsored Referees will continue to wear the OUTsurance branded kit in all other PSL, NFD, DISKI Challenge, ABC Motsepe League and other related matches.

The governance of football in South Africa remains unchanged, in line with World Football according to the statutes of FIFA / CAF, where SAFA is the authoritative structure for all football in this country, and all professional football leagues or any other structure is subordinate to SAFA. This fact is confirmed and amplified by the relevant FIFA Articles in its Statutes.


ARTICLE 11 Admission

  1. Any association, which is responsible for organising and supervising football in all of its forms in its country, may become a member association. Consequently, it is recommended that all member associations involve all relevant stakeholders in football in their own structure. Subject to par. 5 and par. 6 below, only one association shall be recognised as a member association in each country
  2. Membership is only permitted if an association is currently a member of a confederation. The Council may issue regulations with regard to the admission process.

ARTICLE 20 Status of clubs, leagues and other groups of clubs

  1. Clubs, leagues or any other groups affiliated to a member association shall be subordinate to and recognised by that member association. The member association’s statutes shall define the scope of authority and the rights and duties of these groups. The statutes and regulations of these groups shall be approved by the member association.