25 July 2019 – The South African Football Association’s (SAFA) investment into the MYSAFA registration and competition management system, has already changed the landscape of South African football and continues to grow.

With 300 000 registrations and positive feedback from administrators, local football associations (LFAs) and regions across the country, the technology aspect of SAFA’s Vision 2022 project seems to have all bases covered.

One of the key areas in local football is undoubtedly the Free State province with the likes of the Fezile Dabi and Mangaung Metro regions proving to be hotbeds for footballing talent in recent years.

SAFA.net caught up with the province’s impressive Provincial Executive Officer Mr Moremi Klip who shared his views on the software and the associated benefits.

“So far the system seems to be working very well and has assisted us greatly. We can now track the movement of players from one club to another and we are easily able to generate player cards, which are standardized,” he said.

Klip also had a few thoughts on the actual software and user-interface.

“It is very user-friendly and easy-to-use. Each coordinator can log in and do their thing. It is now simple to access player information. Not only this but one can do this on virtually any platform, be it a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.”

The seasoned football administrator also likes the fact that feeder clubs can now benefit via the use of this system.

“It is linked to FIFA whereby a player’s initial club can now take advantage and claim a development fee. This is a positive as previously such clubs could not even think about claiming or doing something similar. This adds great value,” added Klip.

Klip had one final sentiment on the MYSAFA website itself.

“The site looks good and has easy-to-view updates. One can even view other provinces and inculcates a uniform system. It is very transparent unlike before and logs, fixtures and results are easily accessible,” concluded Klip.

Another aspect mentioned during the interview was the fact that all schools within the province are also part of the MYSAFA system and already being utilized for school leagues and competitions with great success. Such an aspect cannot be underestimated and is vital in monitoring young talents and unearthing the next Benni McCarthy.

If you are a football administrator and would like more information or would like to try out the system, go to https://mysafaclubpro.com/