22 July 2019 – Launched in February 2017, MYSAFA is the South African Football Association’s official player registration and competition management system. Aimed primarily at making football across the land more transparent, free of cheating and also used as a powerful tracking tool, the software has been steadily introduced into all SAFA structures within all nine provinces, major regions and Local Football Associations (LFAs) by the Association’s technology provider, Inqaku.

With mostly positive feedback from the majority of administrators who have had the opportunity to utilize the platform, Safa.net finally had the chance to receive insights from the Mpumalanga province, a true hub for footballing talent (from Ehlanzeni all the way to Nkangala).

Speaking to the Provincial Executive Officer, Mr Bevan Mahlangu it’s clear to see just why this particular system comes highly recommended.

“Look, the MYSAFA system always yields positive results for everyone concerned. To be honest, it actually exposes weaknesses in the previous structures and you can now catch people out. Certain teams and officials used to take chances and registration processes were inaccurate and incorrect at times. This system serves as a motivating factor as one can now applaud personnel who do a good job,” he said.

Talking about the actual system itself, Mahlangu reiterated just why virtually anybody will feel comfortable using it.

“Well it is a very user-friendly medium. It guides you step-by-step and you can’t really make a mistake. For example, the uploading of team-sheets, results and referee reports are quite simple. You don’t have to be an IT guru to be able to successfully use this software”.

Mahlangu foresees great things in the future with such a system in place.

“It is a very worthwhile investment. There is now obviously very less cheating and this is a big plus. There is fraud all over the world in football, across all age categories but no more in South Africa. Your details are locked in for life and it also very easy to track players that have completely disappeared physically,” enthused Mahlangu.

The executive officer also praised the MYSAFA website and stated that as long as administrators have a sufficient educational level, it wouldn’t be that hard to manage logs, fixtures and results.

MYSAFA is widely regarded as the most successful sports registration system for any sport in Africa and this is by mere statistics alone. With the Club Pro service also offered, clubs can ensure their investment into identifying and honing young players to their financial advantage.

If you are a football administrator and would like to know more or would like to try out the system, go to https://mysafaclubpro.com/