19 July 2019 – SAFA’s clothing partner, D’S Damat has announced ambitious plans to expand the brand in the country, thereby creating massive employment within the retail industry.

Damat are SAFA’s official clothing partners and dresses all the national teams, SAFA staff and NEC members.

Because of this growing relationship, the Turkey-based clothing brand has drawn up plans to set up over 20 stores countrywide in South Africa, thereby creating thousands of jobs within the sector.

The move to establish various stores around the country was for Damat to be part of the country’s broader nation-buiding initiatives.

“Our intention is not solely based on the idea of  promoting our brand and selling our goods in the country but instead, it is our primary philosophy to contribute to South Africa’s economic growth and job creation and we want to do this by partnering with established and highly reputable local retail conglamerate such as Surtee Group.

“We are in the process of opening 20 stores in the next 5 years throughout the country and the entire workforce is going to be locals. We are also going to manufacture in South Africa with the help of our partners,” said Damat CEO, Suleyman Orakcioglu.

Damat has been working closely with South Africa’s Ambassador to Turkey, Ambassador Pule Malefane with regards to this expansive project.