21 June 2019 – The Sasol Women’s football league continues to deliver entertaining football across the country, none more so than in the Free State edition.

Adopting the strategy of a couple of other provinces by implementing a two-stream system, certain clubs have embraced this change while others have struggled to adapt.

One particular club that has seen a dramatic change in fortunes this season is none other than Metsimaholo LFA’s Mamello Ladies, who hail from the Fezile Dabi region. From fighting for top half honours and finishing in joint eighth position last season, the team currently find themselves languishing at the foot of the table.

However, club owner Mr Jack Radebe believes that the season is still in its infancy and vows to turn things around. Neither does he blame the new system for the tough start to proceedings and actually welcomed the change.

Safa.net caught up with the club owner to discuss this, his turn-around strategy, being positive and why the women’s game is in need of more awareness.

“Look, it has been tough. Three losses from three starts will tell you that. However, we did have our challenges. We have a small squad to work with and many haven’t even played Sasol League before. Most of them come from Welkom which is very far away as well,” he said.

Radebe also added that team morale is low but expects this to change in the weeks to come and trusts the turn-around plan that he, coach Royi Dlamini and the board have come up with.

“With the stream system we don’t play every single week. This actually helps us, not only in terms of traveling and finances but gives us more time to prepare. We plan to start signing new stars when the window opens in July and this will significantly boost our squad depth and talent. We also have practice games lined up before our next fixture against leaders Ixias. We have also roped in certain key advisors to assist us in moving forward with new formations and tactics,” enthused Radebe.

The owner also divulged plans for a big meeting to take place with the brains-trust of the club and stated that he would love for any girl who are interested in playing football, to contact the club.

The team is still relying on the fans more than anything though.

“We would like to make a plea to our supporters to keep the faith and come to the matches. We are confident of changing things around.”

Radebe also had a thought or two on the women’s game in general.

“Ultimately there is no awareness about the women’s game in this country. SAFA and Sasol have made great strides but many do not realize what an honour it is to play in this league or where football can take them. We used to rely on a local radio station to get our message out but they have unfortunately closed down. Hopefully community stations will come to the party. We use social media but it isn’t enough. Women’s soccer need more sponsors and deserves the spotlight,” concluded Radebe.

With the owner’s determination, detailed plan-of-action and overall love for the women’s game, the team are bound to pick up many points in the coming months and climb the table.

The club next tackle the unbeaten Ixias, away, in their next encounter on 27 July at the Charles Vuyo stadium at 13h00.