Celebrated South Africa number one fan Botha Msila arrived in the Egyptian capital of Cairo on Friday and immediately went to check on Bafana Bafana players and technical staff at the team hotel.

Botha was welcomed by the players and staff and had lunch with the team.

“I am glad to be finally here in Cairo, Egypt. I want to leave a lasting impression here with my Mzansi stuff. That is why I am here,” he laughed.

Botha has been on the road for the past three weeks having left South Africa by road in a bid to complete the Cape to Cairo historical journey.

After passing Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya with little problems, the colourful fan came unstuck when he intended to cross into Ethiopia from Kenya where the later’s immigration officials sent him back to Kenya to apply for the visa.

“Despite my concerted pleas with the Ethiopian officials, my dream came tumbling down when Ethiopian officials flatly denied me entry saying I needed a visa going forward.”

After three days at the border between Kenya and Ethiopia pleading for help, Botha went to Nairobi where he was helped by the South African Embassy to apply for the Egypt visa.

He got it (visa) on Thursday and boarded a flight to Ethiopia and finally arrived in Cairo, Egypt on Friday, 21 June 2019 where his first port of call was the Bafana Bafana hotel.

“I can’t wait for the games to begin. That is why I am here,” he said.

“I want the world to know and appreciate the Mzansi magic which I have brought along. This is going to be an AFCON with a difference,” added Botha.