20 June 2019 – The SAFA Coaching D Licence course taking place at Fun Valley will finish off this Friday (21 June) with a practical session, where the 24 female aspiring professional coaches will be assessed as to whether or not they can apply what they have been learning throughout the week.

SAFA Course Leader and Instructor, Keneilwe ‘Maestro’ Mathibela, said that these practicals are of utmost importance, as it will help them to assess on whether their students are ready for the coaching world or not.

The SAFA Coaching D Licence practicals will take place at Eldorado Park, Johannesburg from Friday morning until late in the afternoon.

“We are expecting a total of 200 kids to show up for Friday’s festival,” Mathibela said. “We will use Friday’s practical session to assess on whether the aspiring professional coaches who have been attending this coaching course throughout this week, can apply what they have been learning in class or not.

“They will also be tested on whether they can work as a collective, as they are also expected to work in groups this Friday.”

Mathibela also added that the Association will not compromise in granting out coaching D Licence qualifications to individuals who do not possess the required qualities, as that would be counter productive to what SAFA is aiming to achieve in developing coaches throughout the country.

“It should be clear that no one is guaranteed a coaching D Licence qualification out of the mere fact that they registered and also attended the course,” Mathibela said. “If we do that then we would have failed the Association’s vision of producing the best possible coaches to work with our young ones throughout the country. It is not about quantity but quality.”