18 June 2019 – SAFA Coaching D Licence course Leader Keneilwe ‘Maestro’ Mathibela says she is pleased with how the 24 aspiring professional female coaches have been responding in class, adding that they also demonstrated a good understanding of the material that is being taught to them.

The Lotto sponsored all-women SAFA Coaching D Licence course kicked off on Monday (17 June) and will run up until this Friday (21 June).

The former Banyana Banyana captain also added that this knowledge taught to these aspiring coaches, will play a massive part in helping them to become better football mentors in their respective communities.

“I am very please with how the first day went,” Mathibela said. “These ladies showed a great desire in grasping the knowledge that was taught in class. And that is the kind of response we are looking for as coaching instructors.

“This coaching course will also play a key role in helping them to understand on how to work with children from different age groups, which is very key in order for proper development of a player to take place.”

Mathibela also applauded SAFA for taking the initiative to have a women’s only coaching course, adding that it will reap benefits in getting more parents to allow their young girls to compete in the sport in the near future.

“I have been fortunate enough to have worked with female coaches from an early age, having been part of SAFA’s High Performance Centre development structures,” Mathibela said. “However, as I grew older, I started working with male coaches more because there were no female coaches leading senior teams then. Things have changed now and I would like to thank SAFA for giving women equal opportunities to lead their national teams.

“This is good for the women football development in the country,”