14 June 2019 – Having won four games from their first five fixtures (including one draw), unbeaten Royal Wizards FC from Stream B in Northern Cape’s Sasol Women’s League, aren’t stopping anytime soon.

Operating in the Frances Baard region under the Sol Plaatje LFA, the teams positive 42 goal difference is what immediately catches the eye and is a hint at the lethal attacking force at their disposal.

They currently sit in second position on the log, a mere two points behind Orion High Ladies FC and are fast becoming a feared team, not only in their stream but the overall region.

Safa.net caught up with the Wizards owner, Mr David “Ace” Mofokeng, who also doubles as the head coach and managed to get his views on the overall team dynamics, challenges and much more.

The big boss lamented the lack of pre-season preparations but provides reasons for this.

“Normally one would require a period of between eight and ten weeks or even up to fourteen weeks to really prepare a team, but in the Sasol League this is challenging. We have many players absent due to school commitments as most of them are around 16 years of age and have to focus on exams and assignments. However, we make the best of it and push on,” he said.

Commenting on the team’s successful current run of form, the coach attributed this to various aspects.

“One vital component is the individual commitment of the players. Also, the unity of this club is very important. This helps us figure our our strengths and weaknesses and improves the chemistry within the group dynamic. I also set very high standards for my players which is key. Added to this, I make sure that we prepare in a unique way for opponents, particularly in terms of formations and enhancing my best players so that they become even better and win games for us.”

Mofokeng also stressed the challenge of playing in the vast landscape of the Northern Cape province, where he stated that teams can only travel up to 850km by bus. However, this will not deter him from his goals and ambitions.

“I will not look too far ahead bit I wish to win our stream and then take provincial honours obviously. At the very least we wish to improve on the previous season. Normally most Northern Cape teams are perceived as weak and lose by large margins against other provinces so we want to buck the trend and make our mark,” said the enthusiastic coach.

The owner also mentioned other challenges such as the lack of sustainability mechanisms and is trying to rope in the National Lottery, as he is currently funding the team all on his own. He did though offer his insights into the MYSAFA registration and competition management system.

“Look, age-cheating was very common before. With MYSAFA, it is now a thing of the past and this is a positive. One can grow with this system and the system will hence always know you. If for example you start at age 9, you are locked in and cannot alter anything. You can be tracked all the way up to senior levels and this is a great benefit. If maintained, it will bring about great change,” concluded the boss.

With leaders such as Mofokeng large, in charge and on the move, Wizards are undoubtedly a team to take note off in the women’s game.

The club are next in action at home in a mouth-watering top-of-the-table clash against above-mentioned rivals Orion High on 6 July at 15h00.