24 May 2019 – Six matches played and six solid victories! Spurs WFC have taken to the new Western Cape Sasol League season like ducks to water and are showing no signs of slowing down any time soon.The club, which belongs to the Wynberg region in Cape Town and operate from the William Herbet Stadium, currently edge UCT on goal difference at the top, with much of the recent upswing due to inspirational head coach Mr Winston ZeederbergThe South African Football Association (SAFA), managed to catch up with the boss who provided some key information on team and a message for the fans.

SAFA: What are your reflections of last season?

Zeederberg: Well last year was a ‘building’ period for us. We had many young players and the key was getting them to gel with the more experienced guys. There were a lot of lessons learnt. I wasn’t happy at all with the two-stream system. We ended third in our stream and fifth overall but I feel that we could have ended higher if it was just one stream. Luckily that has been corrected now.

SAFA: Tell us about the current season and the successful six game run?

Zeederberg: We are better prepared this time around and things seem to be going well. I have told the girls not to get ahead of themselves and not to even have a look at the log table. We trust the process and the results take care of themselves. We need to enjoy each game and keep our feet on the floor.

SAFA: What are your goals for the club?

Zeederberg: I would love for us to win the league this time around obviously. However, we must keep focused and take it one game at a time. That is why I don’t have too many long term goals. We must focus on the here and now. Our only goal for now should be to get into the proposed national league. We also aim to play a better brand of football.

SAFA: How important is women’s football development in general?

Zeederberg: I am very passionate about that aspect of the game. We need to get into the communities more and promote the sport. This is how we can recruit talent as well. We already have players from areas such as Mitchell’s Plain, Gugulethu and Hout Bay and need to give players from other areas the opportunity as well and encourage them to play.

SAFA: Any message for your loyal fans?

Zeederberg: We are very grateful to our fans for their undying support. We request that they stick with us throughout the season as they are our ‘12th man’. They must keep positive as come the end of the season, things could really be looking up for the club.

The team are next in action at home against a winless Maties FC on Saturday (25th May) at 14h00.