The MYSAFA stakeholder registration, communication and competition management system has gained a head of steam over the past 2 years and continues to grow and improve in all facets.

This system was brought about in accordance with the South African Football Association’s (SAFA) Vision 2022 goals and aims to ensure transparency within amateur football, prevent cheating and promote a more organised structure within South African football.

With 230,000 registrations and a competition system that manages multiple leagues, the system has already improved South African football as a whole.

SAFA had the privilege of chatting with Mr Zama Buthelezi who is the General Secretary of the SAFA eThekwini region and an active user of MYSAFA.

He provided some valuable information with regards to the system, key benefits and advantages, as well as what it could hold for the future of local football.


SAFA: Tell us a bit about your overall experience with the MYSAFA system?

Buthelezi:I have enjoyed my experience with this system as it is very easy to use and is of course central and national. I didn’t even require training. That is how simple it is to use.


SAFA: What is your overall opinion of the actual software?

Buthelezi: It is very good to be honest. You can do so much with it and everything is captured in one place. It is modern and now eliminates duplication of players who want to play for more than one team. Cheating is a thing of the past.


SAFA: What areas do you feel can be improved on?

Buthelezi:It is already close to perfect. I can’t think of much except for perhaps when one renews a player, one has to go through all the steps from scratch. This process I am sure can be simplified a bit further.


SAFA: How do you feel the software can benefit SA football?

Buthelezi: I see a bright future for South African football with this software. Each player now has a MYSAFA number and a FIFA number which is life-long, so there is no room for any confusion. A player is actually only allowed to play for a maximum of 2 years in one division. Previously players were cheating and doing it for up to 5 years which is wrong. This is now solved. Players are now tracked from the youngest of ages and developed properly. Also, the FIFA Solidarity Programme is also relevant here and clubs who develop players are guaranteed the rewards that they deserve with no hassles.


SAFA: Lastly, what is your opinion of the MYSAFA website?

Buthelezi: It seems to be updated regularly and there is no need to go to other sites to view information.


With constant positive feedback and continual improvements, there is little doubt that MYSAFA is firmly on the right track. Benchmarked with the system applied in Germany, it is indeed FIFA approved and is a huge step towards V2022. For more information kindly visit the official MYSAFA Facebook page.