27 March 2019 –The CAF VAR Workshop got off to a good start with the Technical Director of IFAB, David Elleray, saying that he was happy with the positive response he had received in his first class.

A total of 21 referees and 23 assistant referees from 32 different African countries; showed up for this workshop which kicked off on Monday (26 March 2019) in Kempton Park, Gauteng.

The purpose of this workshop is to upskill match officials serving in the both the FIFA and CAF panel, with the qualification to officiate in matches where the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) technology is used, or even serve as VAR operators.

This workshop will run up until 30 March 2019.

“On overage, we have a total of 70 different countries across the globe who are talking about using the VAR system in their respective leagues,” Elleray said. “I am happy with the type of response that I have received in first day of this workshop. Referees participating in this course showed a solid understanding over the material that I was taught; and I have no doubt in my mind that they will do well in their practical sessions as well.

Elleray also added that the VAR system is the future football, and that it will play a massive part in getting rid of things like match fixing and simulations in football.

“VAR is future of football,” Elleray said. “It brings in a whole lot of fairness into the beautiful game which is very important for both clubs involved in any football match. It also helps match officials to make sound decisions in key situations which they might have missed in a game. The VAR system does not delay the flow of the beautiful game, however, enhances the quality and fairness which is expected of it.

“This technology will only be used for goals, penalties and the issuing out red cards to avoid unnecessary delays in a football match.”