18 March 2019 —The South African Football Association (SAFA) will host the National Referees Mid-season Workshop scheduled to run from 19 – 27 March 2019 in Kempton Park.

A total of 120 referees from across the country serving in the national panel will attend the gathering, where they will also run a Category One referees fitness test.

SAFA’s Head of Referees Department, Tenda Masikhwa, said this workshop was of utmost importance, as it will give his department a chance to address some key points in their referees’ individual performances.

“The purpose of this mid-season workshop is to go over our referees’ individual performances in matches they have served in since the beginning of this season,” said Masikhwa.

“This is very important because it will give us an opportunity to look at some of the positives they have produced as individuals, and what are other key areas they still need to improve on.”

He added that those who fail the fitness test, will be dropped from the national panel.

“In total, we are supposed to have 120 referees in our national panel,” added Masikhwa. “It also pleases me to state that we have more than the required number, which makes it really easy for us to replace should there be a need.

“We have a good number of referees ready to serve in the national panel, should any of the called upon 120 referees for this workshop fail to pass the fitness test.”