8 March 2019 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) is on the right track in helping unearth undiscovered talent throughout the country.

These are the words of SAFA Coaching D License instructor and course leader, Raymond Mdaka, who heaped praise of SAFA’s continued commitment in making their coaching courses available to various communities throughout the country.

Mdaka’ sentiments comes after the Association hosted yet another successful Grassroots Football Development coaching D License course, this time in Secunda, Mpumalanga.

The course kicked off this past Monday (4 March 2019) and will end this Saturday (9 March 2019).

“I would like to thank and applaud the Association for their continued commitment in making these coaching courses available to the public,” Mdaka said.

“This SAFA Coaching D License course mainly focuses on equipping aspiring professional coaches with the needed skills on how to develop players from the tender age upwards.”

The course will finish off Live Your Goals development programme, where 27 aspiring professional coaches who attended the course will get to work with 300 kids as part of their practicals before they head back to their respective homes on 9 March 2019.

Mdaka said this was crucial because they want to make sure whether the coaches can practically apply the knowledge they have learned in class in the field of play.

“For the country to have better players at all levels of the national teams, we need qualified coaches working with our kids in various communities throughout the country,” Mdaka said.

“And that is why this is such a brilliant initiative. Not only are we teaching them the theoretical side of things, we are also making sure that they will be able to put into practice the material they have learned in class.

“I am happy with the amount of learning which took place in this course.”