21 February 2019 – MYSAFA’s player registration and competition management system, the brain-child of the South African Football Association (SAFA), aims to ensure transparency within amateur football, prevent cheating and promote a more organised and professional structure in South African football.

With more than 200 000 registrations and a competition system that has managed over 80, 000 matches across multiple leagues, the system has already begun to improve South African football in general, from some of the bigger leagues, filtering all the way down to junior levels.

SAFA had the privilege of speaking to a key member of the MYSAFA registration team at the Chatsworth Local Football Association (LFA), Mr Pat Naidoo, who also doubles as the convener for Junior Football in the region. With over 70 clubs across juniors and seniors and roughly 2000 players, the region has been through a true litmus test with regards the system.

He provided some key information on his personal experience with the system, his overall opinion, possible improvements as well as benefits.

SAFA:Tell us a bit about your overall experience with the MYSAFA system thus far?

Naidoo:The system is extremely user-friendly! What I love about it is that it very quickly tells you if a player is playing for another club. This is probably the best aspect of the system as there were many fraudulent activities taking place previously.

SAFA:What is your overall opinion of the actual software?

Naidoo: It is highly impressive, particularly the registration aspect itself. It is high-tech and as mentioned, very easy to use. All we had were instruction manuals and these sufficed. Formal training would be welcomed though to enhance our skills even more and become familiar with more intricate aspects of the software. Our dedicated office clerk Philakahle Khumalo (pictured)already has a firm grasp of things.

SAFA:How do you feel the software can benefit SA football?

Naidoo:I see a bright future for South African players with this system as every single youngster can now be recognised. It will give youth a good opportunity to progress and provide an advantage where there was none before. Every aspect of a player is now tracked (clubs, statistics and more) and can be viewed overseas or anywhere in the world in black and white. My main request is that every single footballing outlet, club and region in the country utilise this system for it to be truly effective, including rebel leagues and bodies.

SAFA:Lastly, what is your opinion of the MYSAFA website?

Naidoo: It is very easy to open and view and is updated  all the time. You can easily view logs and fixtures. I would love all LFA’s to be given access to the site though to upload certain things.

With other regions and provinces providing similar feedback, the MYSAFA system seems to most certainly be on the right track. With constant improvements and key communication among all regions and provinces, there is little doubt that South African football is indeed heading in the right direction, particularly with Vision 2022 firmly in mind.