5 February 2019 – Please be advised that it has come to the attention of the Association that there appears to be some parties / people operating bogus FUTSAL leagues in the country, and purporting that SAFA has authorised them to run these leagues.

We once again remind our members that the only structure authorised by SAFA to run FUTSAL in the country is the SOUTH AFRICAN INDOOR FUTSAL ASSOCIATION (SAIFA), and any other structure is bogus, illegitimate and unauthorised.

Any member / player/ individual / referee / coach who participates in any of the activities run by these illegitimate parties may be subject to disciplinary action and possible suspension / banning from football in this country, and SAFA would be forced then to submit the names of these parties / people to FIFA for further sanctions.

We therefore urge all members to be vigilant on this matter and to take the necessary disciplinary actions at local level against any parties / persons who are part of these bogus, illegitimate and unauthorised structures.