1 December 2018 – The SAFA Congress on Saturday, 1 December 2018 considered a number of amendments to the Constitution, particularly those clauses/ articles relevant to the elections of the SAFA National Executive Committee (NEC).

The SAFA Congress approved to do away with the electoral committee but instead approved that SAFA could appoint an independent presiding officer to look over the entire process.

The amendments are aimed at eliminating the cumbersome process of appointing an electoral committee which early this year resulted in drawn out SAFA Elections.

The SAFA Council also recommended that proposed amendments relating to the National Soccer League (NSL) the Special Member should be deferred to a later meeting.

In the interim, a broader consultation process will be undertaken with the NSL and other relevant stakeholders.

Once the consultation process is completed, these will be submitted to Congress for consideration.

Other minor amendments were done involving the Intergrity Officer, the role of CEO/ General Secretary, the participation of SAFA President, Vice Presidents, CEO and Deputy CEOs in other structures of SAFA.

SAFA will on Sunday, 2 December 2018 hold its Annual General Meeting at the Sandton Convention Centre where among other things, most of the operational report back will be presented.