21 November 2018 – SAFA Sedibeng is hosting their first ever coaching D licence course after the region was placed under administration back in 2015.

Beauty Modise, who was appointed the new Regional Executive Officer back in the 2016 elections, said she was excited when she first found out that they would be hosting it.

The Regional Executive Officer also added that she hopes to do a stunning job at it, as doing so would see the Association trusting them with more projects in the near future.

The Workshop kicked off on Tuesday (20 November), and it will run up until 24 November 2018.

“I am really excited about this new challenge,” Modise said. “Excited because this is for the first time we are hosting this course since this region was placed under administration back in 2015. We would like to thank the Association for showing this amount of trust in us. The intention is to host more of these courses in the near future, and everybody involved in the running of this project, is just driven to make it a success.”

A total of 25 aspiring professional coaches showed up in Rand Water, Vereeniging, where this course is taking place.

Modise revealed that being the only female Regional Executive Officer out of the five Gauteng regions lead by men, came with its own challenges. However, she also stated that fellow regional officers made it easy for her to demonstrate what she is capable of as a female leader.