31 October 2018– The South African Football Association (SAFA) will host a D coaching licence course which will run in a series of three weekends in the SAFA Westrand Region in Randfontein starting this weekend.

The purpose of this five-day course which starts this weekend (3-4 November up until the weekend of 17 November 2018), is to help upskill aspiring professional coaches with the necessary coaching skills. This in turn will help them develop up and coming players in their respective communities.

SAFA’s assistant coaching instructor, Cameron Cox, who will be helping out with the running of the upcoming coaching course said that this was the best way to go about help unearth potential talent in the country.

“This course only focuses on the foundation phase of the beautiful game,” Cox said. “This then means coaches who will be attending the course will get to learn about how to work and develop players from a very young age.

“This is important because if a player is developed properly from an early age, then he or she will not struggle with basic things expected from him or her as a player later.”

Cox also said the course will end off with a coaching festival where aspiring coaches who would have attended the course, will get to apply what they learned in class by coaching a group of children as part of their practicals.

“Another skill our aspiring professional coaches are going to learn in this course is having the ability to make their training sessions fun, while bringing the best out of their players performance wise. Training sessions should be fun for any young player because that is only only way their young minds get to learn quickly.

“The final day of this course will see our coaches being challenged to do just that during their practicals on the day,” said Cox.