26 October 2018 – It is that time of the year again where students across the country are expected to sit for their final exams and as usual, the Vhembe SAB League has confirmed that the league will go into recess for six weeks.

The 2018/19 season kicked off two weeks ago and only two rounds of the fixtures were played. It is expected to resume on the first weekend of December.

The SAFA Vhembe regional office General Secretay, Eric Muneri spoke to SAFA.net ahead of the commencement of the exams and wished the students the best of luck.

“On behalf of the Vhembe football fraternity, I take this opportunity to wish all the learners the best in their final exams,” said Muneri.

The decision was applauded by a host of teams and players, including the Mikhado Development FC youngster Simon Musingadi who is about to sit for his matric final exams.

“I take my hat off to SAFA Vhembe administration,” Musingadi said. “Football is a hobby to us, we play it to keep ourselves healthy and to keep away from a lot of bad things like crime.”

“It really encourages to study even harder to see our leaders highly prioritising education to this extent, that says a lot about how important they value it.” added the grade 12 pupil at Nngweni Secondary School.

With nine streams and a total of 164 teams, the Vhembe SAB League is the biggest regional league in South Africa and also enjoying their share of success amongst their peers.

The region has seen all its representatives in the provincial playoffs get promoted to the Limpopo ABC Motsepe League for the past two seasons, Mikhado FC and Tshakhuma RO na Ndilani in 2017 and 2018 respectively.