29 August 2018 – South Africa will host this year’s FIFA Futuro III Referee Instructors’ course which will take place at OR Tambo Southern Sun Hotel, Johannesburg from 3–8 September 2018.

FIFA’s Regional Development Officer Carlos Henriques said the course will serve as a perfect platform to discuss the new amendments of the laws of the game.

Henriques said the course would also touch on the much talked about Video Assistant Referee (VAR) system, hoping all leagues around the world will start considering the system in their respective countries.

“That is the best way moving forward if we are to avoid any possible minor errors which might occur in match situations,” Henrique said.

“The VAR system was used at the recent Fifa World Cup and it turned out to be a success. Portugal has started using it in their own league and I am hoping other leagues around the world would follow soon. We are expecting a total of 54 referee instructors (from 24 different African countries) to show up for this course and the VAR system is one of the many topics we will be discussing.”

Henriques highlighted that the course will consist of both theory and practicals sessions.