22 August 2018 – Chairperson of the Women’s Committee at the South African Football Association (SAFA), Ms Emma Hendricks, says women must not shy away from taking responsibility in the male-dominated football industry.

Hendricks was delivering a speech at the Women’s Administrators Course for 2018 currently underway at the SAFA Technical Centre, south of Johannesburg.

The four-day event started on Monday, 27 August, and will conclude on Thursday, 23 August.

“This is not the first time I am attending this course, and I would like to plead with you delegates to grab something from this meeting, as it will help you in future. When the door is open, use it and don’t be afraid because that door could close whilst you are in doubt,” said Hendricks, the first woman President of a region in the history of South African Football.

“Before I assumed the role I am occupying now, I was blank and had the tendency fo packing my bags when I didn’t agree with something, but I am saying fight for what you believe in. I did not get the assistance I needed for the position and I was not prepared, so take it from me – don’t take these courses lightly as they can really help”.

Hendricks says two heads are better than one for the growth in the game, especially in women’s football.

“We can do more if we work together, let’s us move away from the pull her/him down syndrome. We have failed on so many occasions because of working against each other instead of together – that is our only downfall. Being one of the women in the highest office, we need each other and just remember one thing – Our Women’s Football, Our SAFA,” she concluded.

Hendricks is from the SAFA ZF Mgcawu Region in the Northern Cape.