20 August 2018 – The SAFA Transfer and Players Transfer Regulations governs the development fees payable to amateur clubs when a player signs his first professional contract. The clubs which have contributed towards Education, Training and Development of a player are allowed to claim for compensation when the player signs a professional contract. The following is considered when determining the amount to be paid by the professional club (Quantum):

– Age of the Player (The player in question must have joined the club while under the age of 23)

–  Number of Seasons played (All the clubs which the player has played for can claim when the player turns professional)

When a club refuses to pay or disagrees on the amount the Dispute Resolution of the Association determines the amount to be payed and if the club or the player is not happy with the amount to be payed they can Appeal the decision at the Appeals Board.

Most often asked Questions

1. Can a club withhold a clearance of an Amateur player due to non-payment of Development Fees?


No in terms of the Rules and Regulations amateur players becomes free agents at the end of the season. Clubs are only allowed to claim once a player signs a professional contract.

2. Can a club claim even if the player was not transferred by them?


All the clubs which contributed towards training and development of the player are allowed to put in their claim once the player signs his professional contract.

3. What is considered when the training compensation amount is determined?


Age of the player and Number of the seasons he played for the club

4. What does a club need to proof that they have a legitimate claim?


Registration card as a proof that the player in question was duly registered with them for those seasons.