3 August 2018 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) Coaching Education Department has noticed that holders of CAF Licences  that were obtained through the South African Football Association are concerned that such licences have  either expired or about to expire soon.

Both SAFA and CAF are fully aware of this matter and CAF is currently engaged in a process to update their coaching education curriculum. This includes policies governing this service. The life span of licences falls within this scope.

All affected parties are advised to take note of the following:

  1. The licences are still valid in both CAF and SAFA in particular. This is the case despite the expiry date on the certificates in question.
  2. The licences shall remain valid and recognised by both CAF and SAFA until such time that these organisations advise otherwise.
  3. All affected parties be it coaches, clubs or any other institutions, are advised to treat these licences as advised above or contact the Association for any clarification that they may require.


SAFA Coaching Education Department:

Ms Joy Moloi:   Landline:          0115672010

Mobile:           0627462094

Email:                joy.moloi@safa.net

Ms Christina Phafane:                 mobile: 0797260475

Email:              phafanec@safa.net

Mr Frans Mogashoa:                 mobile: 0824684611

Emai: frans.mogashoa@safa.net