1 August 2018 – The South African duo of Christopher Harrison and John Mervyn Van Wyk have been invited to take part in the CAF Young Talent Referees course set to take place in Kampala, Uganda from 14 to 18 September this year.

The South African refereeing duo will jet off to the Ugandan capital on Thursday, 13 September for the official opening ceremony before kicking off what promises to be a fruitful and insightful four-day refereeing course in Kampala.

Harrison and Van Wyk will be amongst 40 match officials from different parts of Africa to take part in the course which amongst other things will see the referees undergoing medical, physical, theoretical and technical tests during the course.

SAFA Technical Committee Chairperson, Natasha Tsichlas wished the duo the best of luck in Uganda and urged them to absorb as much knowledge and information as possible for the benefit of South African football.

“This is a great achievement for the officials as well as the Association. We take pride in seeing more of our referees, coaches and instructors representing South Africa and rubbing shoulders with the best from around the world. Such invitations bear testament to the hard work being put in by the association to increase and widen the pool of referees, coaches, players and administrators” said Tsichlas



No Names Country      
1. Nabil Boukhalfa Algeria      
2. Ligali Adissa Abdoul Raphiou Benin      
3. Tirelo Mositwane Botswana      
4. Georges Gatogato Burundi      
5. Duarte Fabricio Cape Verde      
6. Bilal Abdallah Ismael Djibouti      
7. Mahrous Mahmoud A. H. Ahmed Egypt      
8. Mogos Teklu Tsegay Eritrea      
9. Atcho Pierre Gabon      
10. Huraywidah Abdulwahid Libya      
11. Dahane Beida Mauritania      
12. Ali Moussa Mohamed Niger      
13. Artan Omar Abdulkadir Somalia      
14. Christopher Harrison South Africa      
15. Haythem Guirat Tunisia      
No Names Country      
1. Aymavo Ayamr U. Eric Benin      
2. Madondo Kitso Sibanda Botswana      
3. Sanou Habib Judicael Oumar Burkina faso      
4. Herve Kakunze Burundi      
5. Brahim

Ahmat Adam

6. Martin Mukala DR Congo      
7. Ditsoga Boris Marlaise Gabon      
8. Babajee Ram Mauritius      
9. Akerkad Mustapha Morocco      
10. Mutuyimana Dieudonne Rwanda      
11. Dos Reis Montenegro


Sao T. & Prin.      
12.  Van Wyk  Mervin John  South Africa      
13. Soud Iddi Lila Tanzania      
14. Hassan Khalil Tunisia      
15. Masembe Isa Uganda      


1. Atman Lamia Algeria    
2. Abebe


3. Madu Ndidi Patience Nigeria    
4. Amara Hedia Tunisia    
5. Nabadda Shamirah Uganda    


1. AN Yan Lim Kee Chong Mauritius
2. Felix Tangawarima Zimbabwe
3. Constance Catherine ADIPO Uganda
4. Cherifi NASRADINE Algeria
5. Pierre-Alain Mounguengui Gabon