27 July 2018 – Gunning for their third successive league title, Free State’s Sasol League and national defending champions Bloemfontein Celtic FC have showcased ominous form and sent a strong warning to all rivals.

16 matches played, 15 wins and still undefeated with a total points haul of 46. If these statistics don’t immediately jump off the page then the club’s goal tally surely will. A massive 91 goals scored for a staggering goal difference of +80.

MySAFA had the privilege of catching up with founder, owner and current coach Mr Edwin “Motale” Lisene who discussed his team’s fortunes, challenges and road to success.

Lisene touched on youth as a prime reason for the club’s solid run: “We have a young team. Most girls are in their very early twenties and we still have most of the team that won us the national championships last season”, said the coach.

However, a ‘family environment’ seems to be at the heart of the recent successes enjoyed by the team. The coach added: “I as the main leader have to play dual roles in terms of acting as a coach, father and even a brother. The men’s team also act as brothers to our ladies and it all contributes to our good fortune. The parents of players also show a lot of faith in me. We are like a real family”.

Lisene touched on various challenges that the club has had to face but didn’t dwell on it too much. “Yes there will always be challenges in women’s football, particularly financially, but we manage and survive somehow. Sasol, SAFA and our management try very hard and it will be nice to attract a big sponsor soon. We are positive”.

The charismatic boss praised the management of the club, the administration and overall running of the team.  “I am very grateful to the management who always go the extra mile. There are even projects in place to fund the studies of our young players”, stated Lisene.

The coach is however not resting on his laurels and urges his team to keep up their good form. “Our players have strong hearts but need to keep on fighting as better things are still to come. We are aiming to do well in the upcoming national league”, concluded the buoyant coach.

Pedigree, youth, heart and family – the team seem to have all the ingredients to reach the highest levels and achieve beyond expectations.

Coming off a resounding 5-2 victory in their last fixture, the team will be looking to ram home their advantage against Kovises FC this coming Sunday.