15 June 2018 – Ten games, ten wins, 36 goals scored and only 3 conceded for a full haul of 30 points. Incredible statistics from the Capricorn-based First Touch Academy team, who are comfortably leading SAFA’s Limpopo Sasol League stream.

This past weekend saw the club easily brush aside Samba Girls at Ladana Ground in a typical professional and clinical display to consolidate their lead at the top.

MySAFA had the privilege of catching up with Academy owner Rulani Mathebula who provided some key insights into the team and the key role that females can play in football.

MySAFA: Tell us more about the team’s unbeaten run thus far?

Mathebula: At the moment the team is playing very well and the coach and I are happy with the overall performance of the players. We have worked hard and are now reaping the benefits. It is our duty to ensure we remain unbeaten.

MySAFA: What do you feel is the team’s secret to success?

Mathebula: I strongly feel that it all boils down to training hard and attaining the highest levels of fitness. Most of the time we train two times a day in order to maintain optimum levels of fitness and it is now paying off.

MySAFA: What are club’s goals for the current season?

Mathebula: It is simple. Our aim and ultimate goal has always been to win the league. We will stop at nothing to achieve this and we have faith that we will, especially with possible changes to the league structure next year.

MySAFA: What are some of the challenges you have faced as a club?

Mathebula: We get a lot of support from SAFA but financially it is still tough. We are still trying to find a sponsor and are hoping that our recent performances will attract some big businesses to the table.

MySAFA: Share some of your thoughts on the role of women in football?

Mathebula: Women have not always had the opportunities that men have enjoyed but we are now making our mark and I foresee females playing a very important role in football, especially in this country. Our key attribute is motivation. Nobody can get the best out of people like a woman can (laughs).

First Touch seems to be a team on the rise. With the likes of Choshi Precious playing for the U17 girls side and Surprise Pingalale invited to the High Performance Centre, the club must be doing something right. The ladies will be in action this Saturday (16 June) against bottom placed Re Tla Dira Ladies.

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