9 April 2018 – This is a warning to all Local Football Associations and parents that there are individuals going around swindling parents and guardians of large sums of money under the pretext of finding their kids lucrative contracts with Premier Soccer League (PSL) and First Division sides.

These scammers normally use the same modus operandi. They invite vulnerable kids for trials and promise that they will secure them contracts with top football sides from PSL and First Division.

The bogus agents then ask the kids to pay amounts ranging from R2500-R4000 for the transaction.

Please be warned that no one is supposed to pay any money to anyone to join a football club. This is an ongoing rip off by a group of these criminals and anyone approached by them must immediately inform a local SAFA representative, police or SAFA headquarters on 011 567 2010.

Current incident still under investigation happened at Moretele (Hammanskraal) where young boys’ parents paid R3500 to criminals who claimed they are from Stellenbosch FC in Cape Town.