29 March 2018 – We note that there has been, over a period of 6 months, a large scale of media attacks on our President; but on a more equitable and fair process the complainant, Ms. Jennifer Ferguson has only now referred her complaint to a forum that can deal with the matter in terms of the laws of country and our constitution.

We further note the worrying tendency of a trial by the media outside of our established legal structures, created to deal with matters of this nature and the rights of Women in general who have been abused.

In this regard, we point out that every person, with no exception, is presumed innocent until proven guilty by the courts of law.

Our President is on record that he denies the allegations of the complainant, Ms Ferguson as announced by the media in October/November 2017, four (4) days before our Constitutional Congress.

He further denied all allegations as announced in the media on 20 March 2018, which is 4 days before our scheduled Elective Congress.

We note, very importantly the complainant’s recent version, which is significantly different from her 2017 October/November narrative.

In the circumstances, the SAFA NEC is of the firm belief that this matter should be heard in an    appropriate legal forum where the matter can be aired on a fair and objective basis.