16 February 2018 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) goes for its Elective Congress on 24 March 2018 and here are some of the information the public may need to know.

The SAFA CEO is mandated to send out nomination forms to all members of the Association whereby members nominate candidates of their choice. Only members in good standing are eligible for nomination.

  • The person nominated must sign an acceptance form for every nomination received.
  • Both the nomination and acceptance forms are numbered to avoid duplication.

What this means is that the candidate nominated will certainly know how many nomination forms he/she has seen and how many acceptance forms he/she has signed. What this means is that nomination forms are never a secret for the prospective candidate.

In the past, candidates were disqualified because they signed acceptance forms when no nomination forms were submitted for them.

There are also candidates who failed to sign acceptance forms for nominations submitted meaning the candidate was not on the final election list submitted by the auditors.

All in all, a candidate will know how many nominations he/she has received heading into an election.