14 February 2018 – SAFA CEO Dennis Mumble has urged all stakeholders to work together to root out corruption within our football.

Speaking at the SAFA National Integrity workshop in Sandton, Johannesburg this week, Mumble said all need to get involved if we are going to eradicate match-fixing and manipulation.

“We need government officials to get involved, we need strict laws to work as a deterrent; in fact for us to completely eradicate corruption within our football, we need everyone’s involvement,” he said.

The SAFA CEO said government involvement in fighting corruption is critical as they are responsible for enacting the strict laws required to nip this problem in the bud.

It is also imperative that awareness programmes are constantly promoted to remind football people the importance of doing things by the book.

He also urged members of the public and every football stakeholder to report any incident of corrupt activity as this was the only way to stop such practices.

“If you see suspicious activity and keep quiet, you are complicit in corruption, and you are liable. Everyone needs to be an ambassador of good governance,” he insisted.

He said SAFA had purchased video cameras to record lower division matches as part of the Association’s seriousness in fighting corruption.

He said following this exercise, a programme of action was needed to monitor progress.

“We need an action programme at the end of this workshop so that by the time we come together again, we can measure our progress,” he concluded.