2 February 2018 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) has today instructed its attorneys to send a letter of demand to the so called National Football Consultative Forum (NFCF) and the individuals who spearhead that campaign to desist from disseminating false, malicious and untrue information about the Association and its President Dr Danny Jordaan.

If they fail to do so, SAFA will seek an urgent High Court interdict to stop the defamatory and unlawful conduct of NFCF and the individuals driving their campaign.

The NFCF is driven by individuals like Chief Mwelo Nonkonyana, Mandla Shoes Mazibuko, Xolani Mtumtum, Fanyana Sibanyoni among others. These individuals have no standing in football because they are not eligible to stand for any position within SAFA structures. They are not registered as SAFA officials, players or referees.

As a result, the Association cannot take action against these individuals within its own structures; therefore the court action is the only route available, regrettably.

For example, Chief Nonkonyana remains expelled from SAFA and clearly is ineligible to stand for any position; Shoes Mazibuko purports to head the deregistered SASFA which is no longer recognized by Association as representative of schools football.

Indeed, today, Friday 2 February 2018, Chief Nonkonyana lost another round in his personal fight with the Association; his application was postponed for an indefinite period and he was ordered to enrol his application in a proper manner in future.

The judge was highly critical of his conduct. Chief Nonkonyana is clearly not a fit and proper person to run the affairs of SAFA.

Others in the NFCF have either been in the SAFA ranks and have failed miserably when in office through incompetence while some have no experience in running football at all.

Allegations they are falsely peddling of fraud and corruption within the Association are totally unfounded and are false and defamatory.

The personal attacks on the SAFA President are untrue, false and unjustified and also defamatory. The Association will not and cannot allow ineligible, disreputable and inexperienced individuals to defame it and cause irreparable reputational harm without bringing those individuals to book.

For more information please contact:

Mr Norman Arendse

Mobile number:  +27 836260499