23 November 2017 – SAFA in KwaZulu-Natal province has condemned acts of hooliganism in Msinga in the KZN Province and has promised to take drastic action to stop such incidents recurring.

The warning by KZN Provincial head of competition and NEC member, Khwenzakwakhe Ngwenya comes in the wake of shooting at a soccer match between Natal United and KwaDukuza FC which left four people injured.

“We won’t tolerate this. A soccer match is supposed to be a place where people go and get entertainment with their families and loved ones. Once guns are brought into the field of play, everything degenerates into anarchy. That is unacceptable,” said Ngwenya.

In a match between Natal United and KwaDukuza that took place in Msinga in Umzinyathi Region, two rival fans exchanged gunfire on the stands towards the end of the match.

Apparently the shooting from rival fans went on for five minutes forcing the referee to call off this ABC Motsepe League match as he felt the situation was no longer safe for players, officials and fans.

“The match had to be abandoned as the referee said he felt unsafe and rightly so. These barbaric acts cannot be tolerated,” added Ngwenya who said the ugly confrontation could have been part of the long running rivalry between the two clubs’ owners who are from the same area.

“To avoid the same situation recurring, we have taken a resolution to ban Natal United from using that venue again for the rest of the season and if they don’t stop their supporters from misbehaving, we might have to ban the venue forever,” said Ngwenya.

“This is not the first time Natal United fans have been involved in such acts and we can’t fold our arms and see people bring guns to the matches. We need to nip this act in the bud once and for all,” said Ngwenya.