24 October 2017 – The South African Premier Soccer League is rated among the top leagues in the world. In fact some analysts blame the wealth of this league for indirectly producing players who are so satisfied with their salaries that the ambition and personal drive to take their skills to even more challenging European leagues are replaced by total contentment at home.

Men and women with foresight make simple plans today to invest in a great future. When the body and spirit finally succumb to the dreaded moment of retirement it must simply be a question of changing territory but the good times must continue to roll.

Retirement from professional football and any other job for that matter, should not be permitted to spell the beginning of real suffering.

In addition to a sound financial plan the trend around the world sees active players, particularly those at an advanced age, invest wisely in their time by doing Coaching Courses while there is not yet pressure  to earn a salary immediately to satisfy the pressing needs of self, family and all other dependants. Call it making hay while the sun still shines!

The South African Football Association (SAFA) coaching education department invites you in your journey to what may turn out to be a safe and secure future through quality coaching courses.

From Grassroots to Professional Coaching courses that are held dearly by the likes of esteemed coaches such as Pitso Jingles Mosimane, Farouk Khan, Alex Heredia, Thabo Senong, Neil Tovey, Kgoloko Thobejane, Clinton Larsen, Molefi Ntseki, Raymond Seneo, Ashley Makhanya , Desiree Ellis and many more, the choice is yours provided you make a start now.

It takes only a call to Ms Christina Phafane and Ms Joy Moloi to create a platform to do appropriate coaching courses

SAFA Coaching Education Contact Details:

Tel: 011 567 2010

email: christina.phafane@safa.net or coachingadmin@safa.net