12 July 2017 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) is happy with the amount of football interest the Varsity Cup has brought within Universities across the country over the past five years.

The Varsity Cup will be celebrating its fifth year in existence and according to SAFA CEO Dennis Mumble, the programme falls within the Association’s Vision 2022 spectrum. Mumble however said a lot needed to be done for university structures to be in full throttle.

“As the football mother body, we are proud to endorse the Varsity Cup for a fifth year in a row, and we will continue to give them the support they need. There are a number of players who have represented South Africa internationally from these structures and this is one way for some of these players to showcase their talent, but a lot still needs to done for the tournament to be all inclusive,” said Mumble.

“I have followed the men’s version of the Varsity Cup and I am very impressed with the standard of football, the great marketing and especially the support that students are giving to football.

“I however think the same amount of dedication needs to be put into the female side of the game,” added Mumble.

The SAFA CEO said the country needed to get to a point where women’s football is also seen in the same light as men’s football.

“This will take each and every one of us in the country to ensure this happens. We need to grow this sport across the board,” said Mumble.

The 2017 Varsity Cup kicks off on 27 July 2017 and matches will be played every Thursday night. The Tshwane University of Technology will be looking to retain the title they won last season in what is expected to be a thrilling season.