3 July 2017 – School sport plays a vital component in the development of football in the country. We can never underestimate the true value and importance that school sport plays in the development of future stars.

One of the fundamental strategic objectives is to ensure growth of football in the country and that is why we have set ourselves a target that by 2022, we must have five million members from a population of 50 Million people.

We therefore need to ask ourselves the question of where will we identify the growth areas and the simple answer to that is school sport and attracting more women players, coaches and administrators.

We must realise that school sport is fragmented. There are different bodies organising school sport and we have taken the initiative to bring about a position in school sport (Particularly football) that there must be one controlling body or entity for sport.

So I hope within the few next weeks we will launch the united structure for school sport and make sure that all schools are involved. One of the problems of school’s sports is that it is divided. We want the township schools to play against the model C schools and private schools.

We always talk about transformation but the transformation of national teams can only be sustained if you have transformation of school sport.

When we produce a winner of KwaZulu-Natal, we must be sure that that is the champion of all the schools who play football in that province. This presupposes that there is a single controlling structure of school sport in KZN and this is where we want to come in.

When looking at the Kay Motsepe School’s Cup, it is the frontrunner to achieving our objective.

We have already seen different schools from former Model C, Private Schools and Publics Schools participating in the tournament that rewards the winners with R1 Million which os invested in the school.

So we are working hard and hopefully we can make a breakthrough and an announcement soon on how we will produce a single and unified structure for school sport.

See the video interview below: