SAFA President Dr Danny Jordaan has explained to the media the giant strides the Association has made since his executive was elected into office on 28 September 2013.

Then, SAFA recorded a R100m loss but since then there has been a massive turn around which include almost all of our teams qualifying for global and continental major tournaments and the finances looking good.

Dr Jordaan recollected how the Association lost sponsors worth over R60m with the threat of more sponsors leaving. In the same year, no national team qualified for CAF and FIFA competitions.

It was then that the Association came with the Technical Master Plan which then only existed on paper as there were no resources allocated to that project.

That is when the New SAFA NEC met in January 2014 to adopt Vision 2022 to address these challenges. The SAFA President articulated in detail pillars of Vision 2022 stressing it was the backbone of the Association’s blueprint going forward.

(See key focus and components including pillars of Vision 2022 by clicking here) 

Dr Jordaan also spoke about the assets and revenue of the Association, adding at the end of the current financial year, SAFA was likely to realise a considerable profit.

Here is part of the Press Conference from Wednesday, 28 June.