5 May 2017 – The South African Football Association (SAFA) has sat and made pronouncements on some cases.


* In a matter between Buya Musuthu FC VS Polokwane City Rovers, the latter has been found guilty after their coach, while serving a red card suspension, participated in a match against Thaba Tshwane FC. Polokwane City Rovers had their match points expunged, and were fined a further 10-thousand rand, suspended for the rest of the season. Rovers has since referred the matter for Arbitration

* Rovers was again found guilty in a different matter, this after causing abandonment of a match against Phatsima All Stars FC. The game was declared a walkover with the points forfeited to Phatsima, and Rovers was fined R10-thousand rand payable within 14 days. The chairman of the club was also ordered to write an apology to SAFA within 10 days

* Junior Pirates has been found guilty after conceding three walk overs – the DC has recommended termination of participation in line with Rule 28.5 of the Rules of Regulations.


* In the Eastern Cape, Future Tigers lodged a protest against City Lads whom they accused of playing an improperly registered player. Lads were found guilty and the points awarded to Future Tigers, and fined a further R10-thousand rand which is payable withing 14 days of sentencing

* In a different matter, Future Tigers lodged another protest – this time against Lion City where they alleged the latter improperly registered a player. The protest was dismissed and the protest fee of R10-thousand rand forfeited to SAFA.

In the National First Division, ROYAL EAGLES lodged an appeal on a Dispute Resolution Chamber sanction but lost the case against BELLOS (Appeal on DRC sanction)

It was found that:

* The decision of the DRC was correct and the appeal is dismissed

* Appellant to pay the costs of the appeal

* Appellant to forfeit appeal fee

* Appellant is advised of its right to take the matter for arbitration if it feels so.

In another matter Royals Eagles again lost their case when they appealed in a matter against player Dominic Isaacs.

It was also found that:

* The Appeal application fails

* The Decision of the Dispute Resolution Chamber should stand

* Costs are awarded against Appellants

* Appeal fee to be forfeited

* Appellant to pay costs of the seating as determined by SAFA.