On the 10/11 June 2014 the FIFA Congress adopted a resolution to replace the then existing Players’ Agents Regulations with a new regulation titled Regulations on Working with Intermediaries in order “maintain the integrity of the sport of football by promoting and safeguarding considerably high ethical standards in the relations between players, clubs and third parties, and thus live up to good governance and financial responsibility principles.”

FIFA therefore directed that each federation develop its own regulations to comply with its regulations that will have worldwide effect. In response, the SAFA National Executive Committee approved the attached Regulations on Working with Intermediaries at its ordinary meeting held on Friday, 27 March 2015.

We advise that the system whereby Players’ Agents were registered and accredited by the Association is hereby repealed and that all Players’ Agents licenses have been revoked. Former Players’ Agents are expected to return their license cards to the SAFA National Office.

The Regulations implemented on the 1 April 2015 have been revised, amended and approved by the NEC on the 2 April 2016 and have now come into effect. The revised Regulations focus specifically on transactions that are concluded, as opposed to licensing of individuals.

The failure to register a transaction and comply with these requirements will be an act of misconduct and any club or player found guilty of such an offence risks the sanctions provided for in the Association Regulations.


The Association has implemented the FIFA TMS Intermediary Regulation Tool (IRT) which is designed to facilitate compliance with the Regulations on Working with Intermediaries. All Intermediaries who are engaged in transactions involving players and clubs in their jurisdiction must be registered on the IRT system through the clubs belonging to the Premier Soccer League and National First Division. The information to be submitted to the engaging club includes:

  • All agreed remunerations or payments that have been made or are to be made to an Intermediary
  • Intermediary Declaration form A or B (whichever is applicable)
  • Intermediary Representation Agreement
  • The necessary consents and declarations about conflict of interest for all involved intermediaries as defined by the Regulations.
  • The transfer agreement between the clubs
  • The new employment contract of the player (which must mention the Intermediary and contain his/her signature)

The IRT system is integrated into the existing FIFA Transfer Matching System (ITMS and DTMS), thus allowing the transfer of professional players and related Intermediary involvement to be managed via one system.

We encourage all intermediaries to familiarise themselves with the the FIFA and SAFA Statutes, Rules and Regulations in order to provide the best service possible to its players.

We trust the above is in order. Should you have any queries, kindly contact Ms Wafeekah Begg or email intermediaries@safa.net