D License Introductory courses are usually organized by the Regional FA’s, sometimes in co-operation with municipalities. SAFA only facilitates and supervises the course.

Applicants are advised to contact their respective region(s) for further information regarding Introductory courses around their area(s), SAFA will only assist provided the interested individual(s) are not succeeding with their region(s).


Basic Course Information

  • This is an eight days course.
  • The course will usually be conducted two times over a period of four consecutive days between 8.00 – 18.00 hrs (i.e. Phase 1 & Phase 2) totaling to 80 hours with a distance learning of 6 weeks in between the two phases.
  • Candidates have to undergo training and assessment in both theoretical and practical work on a daily basis. The course is organized by our regional association.
  • We have 52 Regions around the country. You need to contact/register with your SAFA Region and check with them when they are intending to host the course.

To complete all different levels you have to show the abilities to do so, and calculate minimum 3-5 years.