Stadium Details
Stadium Owner The Stadia and Soccer
Development Trust
Host City City of Johannesburg
Location Nasrec
Streets/Main Roads Nasrec Road, Stadium Ave, Soccer
City Ave, League Ave.
Transport Nodes OR Tambo IA, Nasrec Rail Station,
Taxi and Bus
Land Area 25,4725 Hectares
Building Area 61 317m2
Tiers 3 Tiers and a double ring of Sky
Total Seat Capacity 95 000
Spectator Seats 86 000
VIP Seats 500
Media Seats 2593
Hospitality Boxes 8736 seats in 231 Skyboxes,
2 Presidential Suites
Concession Stands 101
Parking 3989

Pictures at the top: Soccer City before earthworks started. Other


STATUS – as at 22 May 2007 OC Technical Team
Total Gross Seat Capacity 95 000
National Treasury Budgeted Contract Value R1.53 billion
Construction Commencement on Site 01 February 2007
Principal Contractors Contractual Completion Date 23 April 2009
Targeted LOC/FIFA Completion Date 30 October 2009
Overall Construction Progress Satisfactory

COST DETAILS – expenditure
    Planning                     Construction  
1. Treasury Budget R1,56 billion R 33,17 million                   R461,33 million R494,5 million
2. City / Prov. Budget R0,00
3. Total Budget R1,56 billion   R494,5 million