Sasol League

The Sasol League which was launched in February 2009 as a provincial women’s league, consists 144 clubs nationwide with each province being represented by 16 clubs.
The new Sasol League season (the third season) out of a four year contract involving Sasol as the sponsor of SA’s premier women’s football competition – will see matches played on a home and away basis among the 16 clubs in each province.
The Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and KwaZulu Natal clubs will be divided into two stream of 8 teams each because of the vast travelling distances between areas, the other six provinces will play as 16-team provincial leagues.
The winners of the respective provinces will qualify to compete at the Sasol League National Championships to be held from June 6-11 at a venue to be announced by the SA Football Association (Safa).
The bottom 2 teams from each province will be relegated to the ABSA Women’s League (Regional) and the top 2 teams from the ABSA Women’s League (Regional) will be promoted into the SASOL League.

Sasol League Rules and Regulations

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