Doping control

You come off the pitch and see this person wearing the white bib with the green cross on which says "doping control" waiting for you. You are greeted and informed that you were selected for doping control: "So would you please kindly follow me to the doping control room?"

When this happens for the first time, it might be a strange feeling, especially if you have no idea what is waiting there for you. You might be anxious, angry or embarrassed. Why can't you go to your lockers room first?

On the other hand it is quite clear that the whole procedure will become a professional routine for you once you have been through it a couple of times. Therefore, we should like to give you a more precise picture of what to expect. FIFA's doping control procedure is transparent and straightforward. FIFA wishes to demonstrate our respect for you and protect your privacy. FIFA also wants to interfere as little as possible with your recuperation after an exhausting match.

If you watch the video on the doping control procedure, you will also see the draw procedure at half time and the opening of the envelopes 15 minutes before the end of the match that you normally not attend yourself, before it shows the doping control procedure itself.

Download PDF, FIFA doping control regulations.pdf
Download PDF, What happens in the doping control room.pdf
DOwnload PDF, Legal aspects - fairness, fault and football.pdf


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